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The Lost Box Ambulance Blog

The Lost Box Ambulance Blog – If you are interested in Ian Dow’s yearlong journey in an ambulance, then you have come to the right place. You can read about the construction of the ambulance and its journey around the world. You can even watch videos of the whole process! If you are looking for a unique and fascinating adventure, then you’ll want to follow this blog.

Ian Dow’s year-long adventure in an ambulance

This year-long adventure in an ambulance started when California native Ian Dow purchased a retired ambulance off eBay. He converted the vehicle with the help of his father. He has been traveling with his dog, Dino, and beta fish, Mr. Biggles, across mainland Mexico and down the Pacific Coast. By the time he finished his journey, Dow had traveled over 6000 miles.

In the past 10 years, he’s traveled to 69 countries. In order to do this, he converted the ambulance himself, spending a total of $5400 to make the vehicle traveler-friendly. Now, he’s working on a web site that will allow people to buy or rent an ambulance.

A used ambulance can serve as a home when properly converted. Ian Dow’s converted ambulance still has the siren and flashing lights, but it has been outfitted with a fold-out table, an L-shaped couch, and a shower outside. Despite the limitations of space, the ambulance can be a great home for a family.

Construction of the ambulance

The EMS community has been moving away from hearses and moving toward a more rational approach to ambulance construction. The newest ambulance features a modern design and higher ceilings, making it easier for volunteers and medics to work inside. It also has smooth surfaces and LED lighting to make the inside safer. The new ambulance is currently being stocked in the Leocadia Court building in Hazlet, New Jersey. It will respond to emergency calls throughout the Hazlet area.

This type of ambulance can range from eight to twelve feet long. The layout of an ambulance is largely determined by the needs of the buyer. Standard features can include an extended cab, auxiliary body air conditioning, a diesel generator, a refrigerator, multiple stretcher mounts, and bariatric capacity. Ambulances are also equipped with cabinets for medical equipment and supplies.

Traveling around the world in an ambulance

Two people from the UK are traveling around the world in an ambulance. They left from the Albert Dock last week and are accompanied by their springer spaniel, Peggy Sue. Their goal is to break the Guinness World Record for the longest journey in an ambulance. They plan to cover 100,000 kilometers in two years.

An ambulance is a large vehicle that transports patients to treatment facilities. It is a type of emergency vehicle used by medical services and is usually based on a van or a light-duty truck chassis. Some of them are modified to carry a stretcher and a patient in a recumbent position. Some ambulances are also made for air transport.

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